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Road to Recovery

May 10, 2020

In the final chapter of our series opener, JD, Abdul, and Aminata take us from the early days of an outbreak (Episode 1), what it took to lead a nation to focus on public health (Episode 2), and now in part three - the Road to Recovery (This Episode!). Aminata and Abdul share that the road to recovery in their great nation required (1) A common cause, we as a people begin to speak with one voice; (2) Public health, it's not complex at the individual level, maintain social distance, wash hands, encourage testing and treatment; and (3) Media leads the way - reclaim the media narrative for survivorship, yes we can make it, and yes, I survived, we survive, and now let's get on the road to recovery. As Aminata says "we never relent!" We focus on critical public health actions and social responsibility. There was life before Ebola, there is a life after the outbreak. Here is our story.


Host: JD Stier
Co-host: Abdul Jalloh
Guest: Aminata Kargbo
Writer: JD Stier, Abdul Jalloh
Jeffrey Wright
Paul Farmer
Partners in Health (org)
Paul G Allen Family Foundation

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