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Stand with Congo

May 25, 2020

The Mighty Peace train has returned from West Africa, arriving in Boston - on the frontlines of the Covid pandemic. We hear the first-hand accounts of Julie Kabukanyi, a Boston-based Congolese nurse in a Covid unit, and our brother in activism Garrett Moore returns from Episode 1 with updates and reflections. We are on the edge of our seats as we hear them open up about the birth of the modern day human rights movement Stand with Congo, and the 2017 meeting that sparked the birth of Mighty Peace Coffee a year later. We meet the big bosses at Mighty Peace Coffee, Liza Elena Pitsirilos, CEO and Jim Ngokwey, Managing Partner. Liza and Jim take us behind-the-scenes, opening up with stories that led four entrepreneurs to start Mighty Peace Coffee as a model of regenerative sustainable business, leaving a legacy we can be proud of.

Mentions/Handles: Tom Perriello, Cindy McCain, Fred Bauma, Barriques, Bodhi Leaf, Ampersand


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Senator Young, will you #StandWithCongo | Activists from all corners of the United States met with foreign affairs leader Senator Young urging legislative action #congo #elections

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